Terra Kitchen “Köfte”

Handmade grilled beef short rib meatballs, rice pilaf and spicy tomato relish and pickled chili 15,75

Low Fat Healthy “Köfte”

Handmade grilled low fat beef shoulder & vegetable meatballs, spicy tomato relish and mixed greens 14,75

Grilled Chicken Breast

Herb marinated grilled chicken breast, wheat & firik bulghur pilaf, walnut & chili “Muhammara” sauce and roasted vegetable 14,75

Mixed Grill

Grilled beef “Külbastı”, chicken breast, meatballs, rice pilaf and “Muhammara” sauce 18,75

Grilled Healthy Salmon

Grilled salmon fillet, warm grains salad 19,75

“Rotisserie” Chicken

Rotisserie half chicken, rice pilaf, lemon and rosemary butter 15,75

Firik: In Southeastern Anatolia fresh green wheat spikes picked from the field with the stems and burnt through. Then smoked and shelled wheat becomes firik.

Fresh Pasta

We use the best quality durum semolina from Anatolia and our big bro “Trattoria Enzo” is helping us to produce the best pasta for you.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Beef ragout and tomato sauce 17,50

Spaghetti Primavera

Mixed vegetable ragout, basil and tomato sauce 16,25

Chicken Penne

Sliced chicken breast, mushroom, cream sauce and cheese 17,50

Penne Arrabiata

Chili, garlic & tomato sauce 15,50


Ground beef stuffed “Mantı” served with tomato & yoghurt sauce, sumac and browned butter 16,25


At Terra Kitchen, your salad is prepared daily using super fresh salad leaves, a variety of hand-made vinaigrettes and salad dressings, vegetables, cereals, pulses, seeds, cheeses, fresh herbs and croutons.


The classic Caesar with romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, & Parmesan cheese Classic 13,50 Chicken 16,25

Light Cheese “Skinny” Salad

Low fat “Manyas” lor cheese, mixed greens, non-fat vinaigrette, super grains and radish 15,50

Low Fat “White” Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, non-fat vinaigrette, carrot, boiled wheat and red kidney beans 15,75

Hot Smoked “Salmon-Quinoa” Salad

Hot smoked salmon, mixed greens, non-fat vinaigrette, fennel and fresh herbed quinoa 17,75

Beef Sesame “Asian” Salad

Braised and pulled beef, mesclun greens and sesame vinaigrette 17,75

“Urban” Veggie Salad

“Ezine” cheese, mixed greens, lemon & basil vinaigrette, grilled vegetable, mung bean and toasted hazelnut 16,75

Smoked Dried Beef “Boşnak” Salad

Mixed greens, Ezine “Beyaz” cheese, Kalamata olive, lemon & basil vinaigrette 17,75

Roasted Chicken “Pulled” Salad

Mesclun greens, lemon & basil vinaigrette, avocado, toasted sesame seeds, boiled egg, pickled green chili and boiled firik bulghur 16,75

Smoked Salmon “Nordic” Salad

Mixed greens, caper, granny smith apple, non-fat vinaigrette and boiled new potatoes 17,75

Smoked Roast Beef “Beefy Cheesy” Salad

Mixed greens, balsamic & dijon mustard vinaigrette, black eye peas, Erzincan “Tulum” cheese, toasted walnut, mushroom 17,75


Oven roasted lasagna Bolognese 16,50

“Beef” Dolma
Stuffed sun dried eggplant with ground beef, red pepper and herbs 16,50

Oven Roasted Salmon
Tomato ragout and roasted vegetables 18,75


Our olive oil dishes can vary depending on the season, always containing the highest-quality vegetables and the superlative extra virgin olive oil produced in the area around the Bay of Edremit.

“Zeytinyağlı” Olive oil braised vegetable 8,75


Chicken Wrap

“Kaşar” cheese, tomato, spicy spinach, Terra Kitchen mixed greens 15,50

“Köfte” Wrap

Sautéed vegetables, “Kaşar” cheese and Terra Kitchen mixed greens 16,50


Early each morning we begin making soup. Fresh every day, delicious every day…

Minted Green Lentil Soup 6,75

Thick green lentil soup with fresh mint leaves

Cereal & Yoghurt Soup “Ayran Aşı” 6,75

Chilled yoghurt and fresh herb soup with cereals


Yoghurt 5,50
Cacık 6,00
Mixed Greens 5,50
Rica Pilaf 5,50
Wheat &Firik Bulghur Pilaf 5,50
Spiced Fries 5,00